Audio Visual Technician Jobs VTS Labor Coordinator

Audio Visual Technician Jobs VTS Labor CoordinatorVTS Labor Coordinator:  The VTS Labor Coordinator’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to: checking in/out of all VTS techs, distribution and management of the entire VTS crew. The VTS Labor Coordinator is also responsible for assisting with any additions, changes and/or cancellations throughout the entire event. The VTS Labor Coordinator is required for events with crews of 18+, or by request.

Video Tech Services is one of the most respected nationwide companies that provides elite audio visual labor professionals for live corporate events, trade-shows, conventions, and more. We are always looking for talented, skilled AV technicians, VTS Labor Coordinator.

The nationwide events Video Tech Services provides VTS Labor Coordinators to, includes, but is not limited to, corporate conventions, trade-shows, special events, and live events. We work in some of the largest, most noteworthy venues across the nation, such as conventions, hotel ballrooms, stadiums, arenas, and other corporate convention environments. Our exceptional Audio Visual nationwide labor, crew & staff are seasoned professionals, skilled in their respective fields, they show up on time, dress professionally, and communicate effectively.

When companies need expert AV labor, they contact Video Tech Services because we value their time and business. Labor Coordinators, Audio Visual Technicians take pride in contracting for VTS. Our Customers have a complete, reliable, highly talented and professional team at their location for each and every event.

The advanced and ever changing technology solutions of today and tomorrow require our audio visual technicians to have expertise to perform all the duties necessary in a typical set-up environment. Our elite force prides itself on continuing education and knowledge of the latest technology solutions and equipment. It is extremely important to VTS that our clients have advanced technicians with specialties in the departments they work in.

If you think you’re a fit for an Audio Visual Labor Coordinator seeking an independent contractor opportunity in the cities we service, please submit your resume using the form below.