AV Labor Los Angeles, California, L1

AV Labor Los Angeles, California, L1

L1:  AV Labor L1 experts works directly with the lighting designer. The L1 leads the lighting set up. This includes interpreting the lighting plot for rig and light fixture placement, assignment of dimmer patches, and final focus. May also program and operate simple lighting systems. Must be a veteran lighting expert with knowledge of lighting small, medium and large scale events.

Video Tech Services is a renowned nationwide provider of AV Labor L1’s in Los Angeles and other cities we service, for events, corporate events, trade-shows, conferences, and more.

An L1 must have the following skill set:

  • Is able to install an lighting systems
  • Ensures that electrical systems are safe and running efficiently
  • Can take direction well and also offer effective suggestions
  • Has the ability to troubleshoot
  • Is a critical thinker – can diagnose and repair problems
  • Understands how to read blueprints, schematics, and commercial electrical blueprints
  • Will ensure the proper care in the use of maintenance of equipment and supplies
  • Continuously enforces workplace safety
  • Understands electrical panels
  • Has a working knowledge of additions or modification on secondary circuits
  • Has the ability to use appropriate tools and diagnostic equipment to repair, install, and replace equipment
  • Knows how to use hand tools safely
  • Has the ability to isolate defects in wiring, switches, etc.

If you are an AV Labor L1 expert, please contact us, send your resume! We’d love to learn all about you and your vast experience.

LED technologies

AV Labor Long Beach, California, LED Programmer

AV Labor Long Beach, California, LED Programmer

LED Programmer: AV Labor LED Programmers, light-emitting diode are highly experienced technicians proficient with various LED wall products, processors and programming systems.    

Video Tech Services is looking for AV Labor LED Programmers with vast experience and passion for their work, in Long Beach, California, and other cities we service. VTS is a renowned provider of nationwide AV Labor, crew and staff for events, corporate events, trade-shows and exhibit halls.

The LED Programmer embodies the following skills:

  • Has the ability and knowledge to install software for LED screens
  • Can coordinate all hardware
  • Understands how to properly complete network cabling as needed
  • Is an effective communicator
  • Is proactive when it comes to problem solving and troubleshooting
  • Is courteous and willing to help all persons involved

If you’re an experienced LED Programmer, please contact us. We’re seeking to fill jobs, freelance gigs in Long Beach and other cities nationwide. Please send us your resume!

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