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AV Labor in Anaheim, California, A1 Audio Engineers

AV Labor in Anaheim, California, A1 Audio Engineers

Video Tech Services is one of the most respected nationwide company’s that provides exceptional AV labor professionals. We are looking for talented, skilled, professional A1 Audio Engineers in Anaheim, California.

An audio engineer’s job is one that is dynamic and exciting; ask any A1 Audio Engineer, they love the demands and complexities of their career. Audio Engineers are responsible for the quality and robust sound at corporate events, trade-shows, conventions, and more.

An AV Audio Engineer should possess the below qualities and abilities which include but are not limited to:

  • Excellent dexterity to set up and adjust recording and mixing equipment for all sound
  • Demonstrable ability to strike equipment
  • Technical expertise to know which pieces of equipment are best for a particular purpose
  • Possess computer skills to effectively utilize sound editing and equipment control software
  • Must be a skilled listener to deliver a stellar sound experience to the client
  • Must have excellent ability to identify pitch, tone, volume, etc.
  • Maintain a strong relationship with clients on-site by comfortably discussing and addressing their needs
  • Should you be asked to explain the process by the client, your ability to clearly and effectively communicate is paramount
  • Able to ensure that the equipment is balanced and the sound quality is excellent
  • Be able to record all sounds when necessary
  • Ensure proper volume level and sound quality
  • Responsible for safe keeping of all recordings
  • When problems arise with equipment, must be able to report that to the on-site Project Manager ASAP

If you think you’re a fit for an A1 Audio Engineer freelancer in Anaheim, California or any other cities we service, please submit your resume with the form below.

We are also looking for A1 Audio Engineers in Orlando, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose.

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