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AV Labor Houston, Texas, Computer Techs and Technicians

Audio Visual Jobs in Houston, Texas, Computer Techs and Technicians

Computer Techs and Technicians: AV technician jobs for computer techs and technicians who play an integral role in an AV crew. General computer technicians set and strike, work with computers, and installs, as well as troubleshoot basic software issues. These technicians do NOT set up networks.   

Video Tech Services, a renowned nationwide provider of AV labor, staff and crew has AV tech jobs for Computer techs and technicians to add to our team for small, medium and large scale events, conventions, trade-shows, and corporate events. If you’re looking for an exciting AV technician job, VTS is the place to be.

A Computer Tech possesses these abilities:

  • Understands how to install hardware and software
  • Can maintain and repair all computer equipment
  • Is proactive and can troubleshoot various computer issues
  • Knows how to setup and maintain security measures
  • Is knowledgeable in equipment and can manage, installation, and maintenance of laptops
  • Has the ability to install hardware, software, and devices on computers
  • Can figure out the technical needs of users and offer solutions
  • Maintains consistent tests on equipment to ensure equipment is in good condition
  • Upgrades software, operating systems, and hardware continuously
  • Stays abreast of all technological trends and resources
  • Has the ability to install and update all antivirus software
  • Answered questions regarding new software

If you’re a Computer Tech, technician in the AV industry and are seeking audio visual technician jobs in Houston or other cities we service, we’d love to hear from you! Please submit your resume below.

If you’re looking for AV technician jobs in Orlando, Computer Tech jobs in San Francisco or Los Angeles Computer Technician Jobs, please submit your resume.

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