AV Labor Salt Lake City, Utah, Teleprompter Operator

AV Labor Salt Lake City, Utah, Teleprompter Operator

Teleprompter Operator: AV Labor Teleprompter Operators are skilled technicians who set up, operate, and strike various teleprompter systems. Usually Teleprompter Operators are owner/operators of their own equipment and provide primary computer and backup systems as well as monitors.

Video Tech Services is currently hiring skilled, team oriented, autonomous self-motivated Teleprompter Operators for freelance work in Salt Lake City and other cities we service. If you are a fit, please submit your resume. We’d love to hear from you.

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A Teleprompter Operator embodies the following skills:

  • Should be knowledgeable and have experience in basic computer skills
  • Must be familiar and comfortable using basic software and teleprompter programs
  • Should have a flexible schedule — may be working days, nights, weekends, etc.
  • Must remain calm and focused under pressure
  • Is able to keep the prompter on track with the speaker always adapting to varied rate of speech
  • Should be a quick thinker and able to adjust according to speaker
  • Knowledgeable in editing scripts, speeches, etc as needed

Please fill out our form and send us your resume. If you’re not in Salt Lake City, please let us know what city you’re applying from. We look forward to meeting with you!

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