AV Labor Los Angeles, California, L1

AV Labor Los Angeles, California, L1

L1:  AV Labor L1 experts works directly with the lighting designer. The L1 leads the lighting set up. This includes interpreting the lighting plot for rig and light fixture placement, assignment of dimmer patches, and final focus. May also program and operate simple lighting systems. Must be a veteran lighting expert with knowledge of lighting small, medium and large scale events.

Video Tech Services is a renowned nationwide provider of AV Labor L1’s in Los Angeles and other cities we service, for events, corporate events, trade-shows, conferences, and more.

An L1 must have the following skill set:

  • Is able to install an lighting systems
  • Ensures that electrical systems are safe and running efficiently
  • Can take direction well and also offer effective suggestions
  • Has the ability to troubleshoot
  • Is a critical thinker – can diagnose and repair problems
  • Understands how to read blueprints, schematics, and commercial electrical blueprints
  • Will ensure the proper care in the use of maintenance of equipment and supplies
  • Continuously enforces workplace safety
  • Understands electrical panels
  • Has a working knowledge of additions or modification on secondary circuits
  • Has the ability to use appropriate tools and diagnostic equipment to repair, install, and replace equipment
  • Knows how to use hand tools safely
  • Has the ability to isolate defects in wiring, switches, etc.

If you are an AV Labor L1 expert, please contact us, send your resume! We’d love to learn all about you and your vast experience.

LED technologies

AV Labor Long Beach, California, LED Programmer

AV Labor Long Beach, California, LED Programmer

LED Programmer: AV Labor LED Programmers, light-emitting diode are highly experienced technicians proficient with various LED wall products, processors and programming systems.    

Video Tech Services is looking for AV Labor LED Programmers with vast experience and passion for their work, in Long Beach, California, and other cities we service. VTS is a renowned provider of nationwide AV Labor, crew and staff for events, corporate events, trade-shows and exhibit halls.

The LED Programmer embodies the following skills:

  • Has the ability and knowledge to install software for LED screens
  • Can coordinate all hardware
  • Understands how to properly complete network cabling as needed
  • Is an effective communicator
  • Is proactive when it comes to problem solving and troubleshooting
  • Is courteous and willing to help all persons involved

If you’re an experienced LED Programmer, please contact us. We’re seeking to fill jobs, freelance gigs in Long Beach and other cities nationwide. Please send us your resume!

AV Labor Denver, Colorado, Computer Network Techs

AV Labor Denver, Colorado, Computer Network Techs

Computer Network Tech:  IT professionals who set up and service networks, complex computer systems and other similar activities in the AV industry for corporate events, trade-shows, other events and exhibits. Video Tech Services is a premier provider of AV labor across the United States and in Denver. We are always looking for gifted Computer Network Techs. 

A Computer Network Tech is proficient in these areas:

  • Must understand product knowledge and technical skills to install network components and operating systems
  • Should be adept in network standards and operating systems such as TCP/IP, Windows, and UNIX
  • Capable to configure networks for secure, fast, and reliable use and operation
  • Must be knowledgeable in network security
  • Should be up to date with the latest software, trends, and technologies
  • Must be a master diagnostician
  • Has the ability to troubleshoot issues quickly and effectively
  • Can quickly identify problems and can find solutions
  • Does not get flustered easily and is able to communicate to all parties
  • Has excellent interpersonal skills
  • Has the ability to analyze and monitor traffic flow and is proactive always looking to improve systems
  • Can quickly respond to all questions and emails regarding network

If you are a talented, dedicated AV computer network tech in Denver, please send us your resume, resumes@videotechservices.com. If you’re looking Computer Network Tech gigs, jobs or freelance work in other cities we service, please contact us!

Audio Visual Technician Jobs Lighting Designer (LD)

AV Labor Dallas, Texas, Carpenters

AV Labor Dallas, Texas, Carpenters

AV Carpenters: Carpenters in the AV industry are highly sought after. They assemble stages, sets and prop pieces, taking a blank canvas and turning it into a work of art for client events. Video Tech Services is always looking for skilled, passionate carpenters to work with in Dallas.  

A Carpenter is skilled in various areas:

  • Is able to properly measure all proportions
  • Understands how to read and interpret blueprints
  • Is an effective communicator
  • Can take direction, give suggestions, and carry out vision of supervisor
  • Knows how to safely work with materials such as wood, plastic, etc.
  • Understands how to safely work with power tools such as saws, drills, etc.
  • Knows how to erect and prepare structures
  • Understands which materials are best to join structures such as nails, screws, glue, etc.
  • Is comfortable working on top of structures, beams, etc.
  • Continuously checks work along the way to ensure it is being crafted correctly
  • Ensures that the structure or prop is level and up to par
  • Is knowledgeable in building all types of props and sets including furniture, stairs, etc.
  • Can repair work if necessary
  • Knows how to install and move machinery if necessary

If you’re a carpenter in the AV industry seeking lots of freelance opportunities in Dallas and other cities we service, please send us your resumes, resumes@videotechservices.com. We are eager to meet with you and learn more about your expertise. Video Tech Services is one of the most respected AV Labor companies in the United States.

Audio Visual Technician Jobs Camera Operator – Hand-Held

AV Labor Chicago, Illinois, Hand-Held Camera Operators

AV Labor Chicago, Illinois, Hand-Held Camera Operators

Hand-Held Camera Operators: Trained and experienced hand-held camera operators are skilled in and steady, working at a non-fixed position with a camera. At Video Tech Services, we are seeking hand-held camera operators who are passionate, talented and knowledgeable about the importance of capturing beautiful shots while moving.

A Hand – Held Camera Operator must be able to:

  • Must be flexible and comfortable in various working environments
  • Has to be able to get the important shots and move around quickly and comfortably
  • Has the unique and discrete ability to get close to people without being intrusive
  • Must be able to stabilize the camera
  • Should be able to maintain a calm demeanor, even if running around
  • Has learned how to breathe steadily and maintain breath control while shooting
  • Has the keen ability to learn venue surroundings quickly
  • Can seek out and find opportune places to steady yourself  while getting the shot
  • Is able to walk and shoot simultaneously
  • Can maintain the weight of the camera on shoulder for various lengths of time
  • Has the ability to do what it takes to get the shots needed
  • Understands how the camera works and which lenses should be used in order to get the desired effect

If you are a hand-held camera operator in Chicago, please send us your resume to resumes@videotechservices.com. We are a reputable company and work with exceptional freelance talent, always eager to meet and work with others. If you’re a hand-held camera operator seeking freelance opportunities in other cities we service, please contact us, too.

Audio Visual Technician Jobs Camera Operator

AV Labor in Boston, Massachusetts, Camera Operators

AV Labor in Boston, Massachusetts, Camera Operators

The Camera Operator freelance position for Video Tech Services in Boston requires trained and experienced camera operators comfortable working at a fixed position. Camera Operators are highly trained professionals at setting up a camera and a camera stand. They’re able to seamlessly maneuver to get the best shots while remaining in a stationary position.

The Camera Operator must be skilled in the following areas:

  • Understands the various features of a camera
  • Is adept at operating a camera to capture moments
  • Has the ability to achieve proper lighting
  • Is able to travel to various sites depending on assignment
  • Can operate a camera in various locations such as during a corporate meeting, corporate event, trade-show, exhibit hall, break-out session, etc.
  • Is able to thread the camera and ensure the camera is focused
  • Maintains cleanliness of equipment
  • Organize, set up camera, and move camera to the proper location in order to get the best shot
  • Is knowledgeable in filters and lenses to produce desired effects
  • Has the ability to communicate effectively
  • Can work with a project manager and a client to help achieve overall vision of the event
  • Understands time constraints and can help ensure that the shoot goes smoothly
  • Can perform camera moves, such as dolly shots, pans, tilts, etc.

If you are a skilled and passionate camera operator in Boston and looking for solid freelance work with a reputable company, submit your resume to Video Tech Services with the form below. If you’re located elsewhere, please visit the other cities we service.

Audio Visual Technician Jobs VTS Labor Coordinator

AV Labor Baltimore, Maryland, AV Tech Set and Strike

AV Labor Baltimore, Maryland, AV Tech Set and Strike

AV Tech Set/Strike: In Baltimore, Maryland, Video Tech Services is seeking AV Tech Set and Strike experts. The position is for a general AV technician for loading and unloading trucks, setting up, and striking of equipment. AV Tech set/strike professionals are mainly used for the setting of meeting rooms and exhibits, and have solid working knowledge of audio, lighting, and video.

The AV Tech Set/Strike person should be able to:

  • Set up and strike small to large audio visual systems
  • Must have the ability to troubleshoot and problem solve on the spot
  • Has the ability to be an effective communicator
  • Must be able to move all audio visual equipment, including lighting, sound, scenery, etc.
  • Has the ability to install microphones, sound speakers, video screens, LED projectors, and other equipment needed
  • Should be able to set up and take down mixing boards
  • Should have experience setting up and striking audio visual equipment at various events, corporate events, meetings, breakout sessions, trade-shows, etc.
  • Must have a pleasant demeanor when working with all parties, from project managers to AV technicians and clients

if you are an AV tech with experience in Set and Strike in Anaheim or other cities we service, please send your resume to: resumes@videotechservices.com. We’d love to meet you!

Audio Visual Technician Jobs AV Tech Set/Strike

AV Labor in Austin, Texas, AV Techs, Operators and Floaters

AV Labor in Austin, AV Techs, Operators and Floaters

AV Tech Operator/Floater: As far as AV Labor goes, AV Tech Operators are Floaters are essential to AV crews. General AV technicians who operates or floats to help build break-out room sets and exhibit floors, provide services for clients and presenters, ensure meetings flow smoothly, and assist with re-sets and strikes.

The AV Tech Operator/Floater should be able to:

  • Set up and install all equipment, including: microphones, speakers, video screens, etc
  • Meet with project managers and clients in charge of corporate event, trade-show, convention, or other live event
  • Monitor all sound feeds to ensure quality
  • Monitor and set up equipment layout
  • Test all equipment. If faulty, the ability to make changes or replace ASAP is important
  • Properly store data safely
  • Should be creative and flexible
  • Must have strong communication skills

If you are an AV Tech Operator or Floater and looking for a terrific freelance opportunity with ongoing work for a respected nationwide company, Video Tech Services is the place for you. We are a nationwide company that services cities all over the United States. If you’re looking for a position in Austin or any other city, please send us your resume at, resumes@videotechservices.com.

Audio Visual Technician Jobs Digital Media/Playback Pro Operator

AV Labor in Atlanta, Georgia, A2 Audio Assists

AV Labor in Atlanta, Georgia, A2 Audio Assists 

Video Tech Services is always in the market for highly skilled, well trained and passionate A2 Audio Assists in Atlanta, Georgia. We are a nationwide company with the best AV Labor freelancers and appreciate new candidates. Our A2 Audio Assists are driven, talented and eager to work autonomously and in a team environment.

An A2 Audio Assist is an audio specialist who assists the A1 Audio Engineer with set up for corporate events, live shows, trade-shows, conventions, and strikes. The A2 assists with running of cables, rigging audio systems, front-of-house requirements, and monitor control, back line, stage lines, management of wireless-microphone frequencies, and other duties as assigned.

An A2 Audio Assistant should be able to:

  • Packs and unpacks all equipment
  • Must possess solid knowledge of audio materials and uses
  • Ability to deal effectively with others
  • Has the knowledge and ability to set up cables and equipment as needed
  • Remove cables and equipment
  • Assist engineer with sound related tasks
  • Follow stage layout map, connect microphone, speaker cables, etc.
  • Correctly identify wireless microphones
  • Has the ability to connect personal monitoring stations if necessary
  • Understands how to remove rechargeable batteries
  • Adjust mic positions during sound check
  • Assist engineer with any other tasks

As mentioned, VTS is a nationwide company. We service top cities all over the United States. If you think you’re a fit for an A2 Audio Assistant position, please send us your resume, resumes@videotechservices.com.

We are also looking for A1 Audio Engineers and A2 Audio Assistants in Orlando, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose.

AV video tech jobs A1 audio engineer

AV Labor in Anaheim, California, A1 Audio Engineers

AV Labor in Anaheim, California, A1 Audio Engineers

Video Tech Services is one of the most respected nationwide company’s that provides exceptional AV labor professionals. We are looking for talented, skilled, professional A1 Audio Engineers in Anaheim, California.

An audio engineer’s job is one that is dynamic and exciting; ask any A1 Audio Engineer, they love the demands and complexities of their career. Audio Engineers are responsible for the quality and robust sound at corporate events, trade-shows, conventions, and more.

An AV Audio Engineer should possess the below qualities and abilities which include but are not limited to:

  • Excellent dexterity to set up and adjust recording and mixing equipment for all sound
  • Demonstrable ability to strike equipment
  • Technical expertise to know which pieces of equipment are best for a particular purpose
  • Possess computer skills to effectively utilize sound editing and equipment control software
  • Must be a skilled listener to deliver a stellar sound experience to the client
  • Must have excellent ability to identify pitch, tone, volume, etc.
  • Maintain a strong relationship with clients on-site by comfortably discussing and addressing their needs
  • Should you be asked to explain the process by the client, your ability to clearly and effectively communicate is paramount
  • Able to ensure that the equipment is balanced and the sound quality is excellent
  • Be able to record all sounds when necessary
  • Ensure proper volume level and sound quality
  • Responsible for safe keeping of all recordings
  • When problems arise with equipment, must be able to report that to the on-site Project Manager ASAP

If you think you’re a fit for an A1 Audio Engineer freelancer in Anaheim, California or any other cities we service, please submit your resume with the form below.

We are also looking for A1 Audio Engineers in Orlando, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose.