Video Tech Services would like to consider you for jobs with our clients who are in house AV companies.  These companies are generally permanently housed as the local AV provider in in hotels and convention centers.  While the work requires the same technical skills you now possess, working in these environments requires dress, grooming and customer services standards that may be different than what you typically have encountered on other job sites.   Accordingly, if you are interested in working with in house AV companies, please answer the following questions.

Please read the following:

Dress Code

  • Sport Coat/Blazer (black)
  • Dress Black Slacks
  • Black Polo (preferred) or Black Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Dress Black Belt
  • Dress Black Shoes
  • Tie


  • Hair style must be conservative and in place throughout the day.
  • Hair color must be a “natural color” defined as one that could be grown naturally.
  • Highlighted hair is to be well-blended & natural in appearance. No unnatural colored streaks or sparkles in hair.
  • Hairstyles should not be distracting, obtrusive or cover eyes. No excessive products in hair.
  • Beards, goatees and mustaches are permitted if neatly trimmed and maintained.
  • Tattoos covered, visible piercings removed.

Questions & Answers