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*If you are a veteran audio visual technician in the AV industry with vast expertise and quality references, please submit your resume using the form below or send your resume to: A VTS recruiter will be in touch to discuss various opportunities. Please visit Tech Opportunities to find AV freelance positions
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Our mission is to staff your event with 100% accuracy each and every time. Our extensive recruitment program in the Audio/Visual Tech Staffing Industry is unparalleled, that is the Video Tech Services guarantee. Unlike other AV staffing, technicians and crew companies, VTS doesn't throw a handful of techs at your show to see what sticks. Rather, we focus on individuals who have a combination of expertise and the right personality to integrate into your team and event.

VTS knows all of our 20,000+ AV technicians nationwide!

VTS knows each of our client’s needs!

VTS is unlike any other nationwide Audio Visual Staffing Company. We actively and continuously recruit elite Audio Visual talent in every city that we provide AV techs, staff and crew to. We want our clients to have the very best AV Tech Staffing each and every time.

Video Tech Services Recruitment Programs

The VTS recruitment program requires a full-time staff of over a dozen experienced recruitment managers. VTS pours resources, time and money into strategic recruiting programs to maintain the highest standards that we are renowned for and that our clients have come to expect from us.

At VTS we believe that in order to achieve a perfect result for our clients, we need to know exactly who our AV technicians are. We need to know each technician’s precise skill-set, experience and personality to ensure that each audio visual technician we send to our clients is a perfect match; in skill and compatibility. This is a two-step process.

Step 1:

To accomplish this first step, Video Tech Service’s highly trained recruiting managers scrupulously interviews each candidate. The interview process used by VTS is the culmination of 20+ years of experience recruiting audio visual technicians nationwide, and our company’s formula for success. Our recruitment managers are masters of this process and only choose veteran AV techs.

Step 2:

Over the years, VTS's interview process has been fashioned to near perfection. Again, and like no other Audio Visual technician, crew and staffing company, a VTS manager works a live show with each technician to observe their skill level and compatibility with the client. Any AV technician who comes up short or displays incompatible behavior, or attitude is immediately replaced.

Our recruitment process is rigorous and ongoing. Our knowledge and expertise of the nationwide pool of AV technicians is unsurpassed. That is why VTS is the premier AV tech, staff and crew provider in the country and the largest and most respected in the United States.